International research project to promote material recovery through re-manufacture

Welcome to the CURE project

The CURE project aims to:

  • Establish Centres for Urban Re-manufacturing in different cities
  • Evaluate if CUREs facilitate waste prevention through reuse and re-manufacturing
  • Document and analyse how the centres operate
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange between the different centres and initiatives involved
  • Promote improvised re-manufacturing among the general public and interested actors

The CURE project is separated into two stages: a Pathfinder and a Demonstrator project. Also, each local CURE can be considered an independent initiative, since each local consortsium takes responsibility for running and managing their centre.

Pathfinder Project

The CURE Pathfinder project, running between August-December 2018, will explore the possibility of establishing CUREs in different cities, estimate the potential benefit these centres may generate in Berlin and Gothenburg and engage a consortium to implement the centres. Given that both the available secondary materials and local production are context dependent, each local CURE will define the specifics of how they want to operate, while agreeing to share information and collaborate with the other established CUREs.

During the Pathfinder the project team will explore the possibility of engaging more cites in the idea of establishing CUREs, to create a larger network with which to apply for a future Demonstrator project. The main goal of the CURE Pathfinder project is to result in a application to a next stage Demonstrator.

The Pathfinder project will deliver a publication reviewing existing initiatives that have inspired the idea to establish a CURE, as well as a market analysis report to inform the establishment of a CURE in Berlin and Gothenburg.

Demonstrator Project

The CURE Demonstrator project aims to test the idea that Centres for Urban re-manufacture (CUREs) may help mediate the transition to a circular economy, by promoting reuse and improvised re-manufacture. To do that, the Demonstrator project will follow the implementation of at least 2 CUREs in different cities and do a cross case comparison of each CUREs performance. Such a cross case analysis will help clarify what are the key success factors in establishing CUREs, what issues are case specific and which ones are common to such centres regardless of their location.


----- September 19, 2018 -----
Project Kick-off meeting in Berlin
The project team will meet in Berlin at the Chair of Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies, together with Climate KIC representatives. The team from Gothenburg will join via web.

----- October 8 and 9, 2018 -----
Study visit to Copenhaguen
A meeting was done with potential collaborators in Copenhaguen, to discuss the possibility of starting a CURE there. The Guldminen initiative was visited again, and conversations were had with the Golddigger projects Materiale Centralen and Alba Nowik Production.

----- October 10 to 15, 2018 -----
Gothenburg visit
Some days were dedicated to working on location with the Gothenburg research team for the CURE pathfinder. Study visits were made to Fixotek workshops, as well as interviews with people working at Fixoteket and Återbruket.

----- October 15, 2018 -----
Planning meeting for the final Gothenburg network meeting
The Gothenburg based team met up to plan the final network meeting, and invited a couple of local entrepreneurs to get their input on the project idea and suggestions for relevant partners to invite to the final meeting.

----- October 19, 2018 -----
Berlin Network is growing
After some fruitful meetings we are happy to inform that the Berlin CURE now counts with the invaluable collaboration of Circular Berlin and OMA gGmbH zur Förderung der Inklusion. Please follow the links to their webpages for more information about these actors:
Circular Berlin webpage
OMA gGmbH webpage

----- November 1, 2018 -----
Save the date for final network meetings in Berlin and Gothenburg
After much planning we finaly have the dates for our final networking meeting in Berlin and Gothenburg. We expect to bring together relevant local actors that would like to get involved in making both CUREs a reality. Official invitations and more information about the meeting will be shared soon!
Gothenburg Network meeting will be done on Tuesday the 27th of November, between 9 and 13 in Returhuset, at the recycling centre Alelyckan, Lärjeågatan 12, Gothenburg.
Berlin Network meeting will be done on Thursday the 6th of December, between 9 and 13 at the Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte, on Greifswalder Str.4, Berlin.

----- November 27, 2018 -----
Great energy at the Gothenburg Network meeting
The Gothenburg team welcomed 27 people to a interesting network meeting at Returhuset in Alelyckan. The team presented the preeliminary results from the CURE pathfinder and asked the participants for their feedback on the CURE concept and it's componing aspects. Then a group of Architect students from Chalmers University of Technology asked the participants to play a game, where they related their institutions to the different CURE aspects and highlighted the difficulties they face, but also explored possible common solutions. We were all so engaged in the game it was hard to get people to take a break for "fika"!
Here you can find the slides for the day.
And here are some pictures of the event.

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